Gravure printing


Gravure Printing Excellent image quality and large volumes If your business has a high volume requirement for print/packaging then the Gravure printing process could be the most cost effective print solution for you. The rotogravure printing process is most suitable for Catalogues, Brochures and Magazines which have a high volume and/or high [...]

Web-offset printing


Web-Offset Printing Web-Offset printing utilises the rules of lithography which is based upon the principle that the oil based inks and water do not mix. This process uses fixed size coated aluminium printing plates which are wrapped around the plate cylinders on the press. The process transfers a positive inked image to a rubber [...]

Sheet-fed litho


Sheet-fed Litho Variable flat sheet sizes range from A4 through to AO on this most commonly used process for printing. Taking cut sized paper either from reels (cut-star) or more commonly pre-cut sheets the printing process uses the lithographic technique to transfer the required image to the specified material. Working [...]

Digital printing


Digital Printing Ever since the late '90s when Benny Lander introduced the “cost effective print run of one” there has been an explosion of digital processes and formats within the market. Regardless of technology, it is what digital printing can achieve for your business by integrating data and personalised [...]

Brochure Printing


Brochure Printing Callimedia has been producing high quality brochures for more than 20 years. working with customers such as Oka, Jim Lawrence, Trailfinders and James Villas, we focus on ensuring we deliver high quality brochure printing. With brochures, it's not just about the quality, it's also about making sure [...]

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