In June, The Royal Mail released their report on the life stages of mail, so we thought we would share some of the findings with you, as they reveal some interesting trends.

One key trend that emerged is that responses to direct mail correlates more to life stage and/or events, more so than the traditional age demographic. It doesn’t completely ignore age, but instead allows for other variables that are significant. This exactly matches what we’ve seen here at Callimedia, if you target people based on what’s happening in their lives at a particular time (For example moving home or having a baby), the response rates are far higher.

The good thing is that all groups respond well to, and engage with, direct mail, especially when it’s part of a mix of communication types.

Where the opportunity is:

One element we found particularly interesting was the significant opportunity that lies with the groups Fledglings and Sharers. Fledglings are adults that live at home with their parents, and Sharers are living with other adults that may not be their partners.

Both groups tend to focus on their social status, which means that advertisers need to concentrate on high levels of personalisation within this group, and include strong creative content. The opportunity here is that these two groups are largely ignored by brands, and tend to view receiving mail as something special, mostly because they don’t receive that much of it, especially personally addressed to them.

How to engage them:

However, this does mean that if you’re targeting this group, you need to provide clear instructions for your calls to action, and you should always include an option to respond digitally to maximise results. Relevancy is also crucial, and it will come as no surprise that pizza coupons do well with these segments!

There are lots of options around how to execute this in terms of campaigns, for example, exclusive VIP cards that give them access to experiences that money can’t buy work well with these demographics. A door drop campaign with this type of offer is effective, as these two groups have the highest response to unaddressed mail. As long as the offer tackles the issue of social status (VIP) and creativity (eye catching) and includes a digital response (register online for example).

It’s also worth integrating social platforms when targeting fledglings and sharers, such as Instagram. This tends to be more popular with these groups than Facebook ads for example, as Instagram doesn’t go too overboard with adverts, and focuses very highly on relevance. Instagram also has very high share rates when compared to Facebook and LinkedIn.

As always, it’s targeting the right content, in the right way, through a mix of appropriate channels, that will deliver the results you need.

You can download the full report here: Royal Mail Report


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