New Advertising Mail® Catalogue Option

Royal Mail is committed to supporting the Home Shopping Sector. Following a number of bespoke trials earlier this year, they are now able to announce the launch of a new option for catalogues. This will be made available from January 2016, and will remain in place until at least March 2017.

Increasingly our customers have told us that the Catalogue Home Shopping sector finds the current weight banding (0-100g, 101-250g) too restrictive because it forces them to cap the weight of items to 100g to avoid moving into the 101-250g price.

Customers have also told us that a more graduated price line over 100g will encourage increased pagination and weight, and they are willing to pay additional postage costs or to post additional volumes in return for this.

Callimedia works very closely with the Royal Mail and regularly attends seminars and customer feedback sessions and is happy to announce that they are introducing five 10g price increments between 100g and 150g for both Letters and Large Letters. During the period January 2016 to March 2017 they will assess whether this works for customers and enhances their commitment to printed catalogues. Subject to successful results this will continue after March 2017.

The Catalogue Option will be available to customers sending both Advertising High Sort catalogues in both letter format and large letter format. There will be content rules over and above the usual rules for Advertising Mail.

If you or any of your team would like to know how you can benefit from this change in working with us to increase pagination, or size, enabling you to take full advantage of this change then why not give us a call…


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